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I am Zlatan Ibrahimovic         I Am Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the story of the football player known to fans around the world as Ibra. Get the inside story of his childhood on the wrong side of the tracks in Malmö, Sweden, and his fight against the odds. Here’s Ibra’s take on the clubs, the scandals, and on stars like Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Patrick Vieira and Lionel Messi. In his own words, Ibra tells us about his time on the Malmö FF youth squad, and about the dads from the nicer part of town who tried to get him kicked off the team. We get the full story about the conflicts in Ajax, the sale to Juventus, his successes in Italy and the scandal that almost ruined his career. He tells us about the wins with Inter Milan, about Mourinho, and about his most famous goals. He tells us about Helena, the kids, and his life off the pitch. And for the first time ever we get the whole truth about what really happened between him and Pep Guardiola in Barcelona. Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s autobiography is a thrilling look behind the scenes of top division football.
David Lagercrantz made his debut as an author in 1997 with Ultimate High: My Everest Odyssey about the Swedish mountaineer Göran Kropp, which became an international bestseller. Since then he has devoted his career to writing about geniuses and exceptional people who go against the flow and blaze their own trails.
David Lagercrantz achieved critical and commercial success with a novel based on the life of the computer pioneer Alan Turing. He has written several other works of fiction and non-fiction, and he also lectures on creative writing.
Zlatan Ibrahimovich is a professional footballer, one of the world's most prolific strikers. Captain of his native Sweden, he has played for all of Europe's top teams, including Ajax, Juventus, Internazionale, Barcelona, Milan and, most recently, Paris Saint-Germain, where he is the league's top goalscorer.
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