Strangers in the Night

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Strangers in the Night         Feel the thrill of unexpected passion between strangers in the this "New York Times" bestselling story collection fromLinda Howard"Lake of Dreams"Thea Marlow had encountered her soul mate in the depths of her overpowering, frightening dreams. Now, on the shores of a country lake, the stranger comes to her in the flesh -- and lures her into a timeless love."Blue Moon"Sheriff Jackson Brody knows folks get a little crazy under a full bayou moon. But on the trail of a scorching murder mystery, it's the lawman himself who succumbs to the spell of a beautiful, mysterious stranger."White Out"In the midst of an Idaho blizzard, Hope Bradshaw offers shelter to a stranger -- and an instant, hungry passion flares between them. When a radio bulletin warns of a dangerous escaped convict, her blood runs cold: has desire blinded her to the risks of trusting a man who is an expert at covering his tracks?
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