The Fry Chronicles

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The Fry Chronicles         Spanning 1979-1987, "The Fry Chronicles" charts Stephen's arrival at Cambridge up to his thirtieth birthday. "Heartbreaking, a delight, a lovely, comfy book". ("The Times"). "Perfect prose and excruciating honesty. A grand reminiscence of college and theatre and comedyland in the 1980s, with tone-perfect anecdotes and genuine readerly excitement. What Fry does, essentially, is tell us who he really is. Above all else, a thoughtful book. And namedroppy too, and funny, and marbled with melancholy". ("Observer"). "Arguably the greatest living Englishman". ("Independent on Sunday"). "Extremely enjoyable". ("Sunday Times"). "Fry's linguistic facility remains one of the Wildean wonders of the new media age. The patron saint of British intelligence". ("Daily Telegraph").
The Happiness Advantage 城市发展史 千载有余情--周汝昌赏会古典诗词(上下) 线性代数应该这样学 《西游记》的诞生 哭鼻子大王
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